Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My thoughts about skin aging

Growing old is a natural process in human being but for me it is about aging gracefully. In my 30s I can see that my face  now is very much different while I was in my twenties. Though the aging process is not that fast but I already see some small changes that I already aged. I always see to it that I have balance meal--fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water to hydrate the skin. I can also see some spotty pigmentation and fine lines near the eyes so I use  daily moisturizer with sun protection factor. Stress is inevitable but I try as much as I can to stay away and balance life so that I will age the way I wanted it to be.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stressful Day

I am already feeling so stressed today because aside from the demands of the office work I still have to attend to my evening class at seven thirty which is just two hours after my office work off.  I can feel that my eyes are straining and my neck is having some muscular pains connecting to the shoulders and lower back. This so hard for me because of the many demands most especially in my class where the examination finals is fast approaching in the next two weeks.  I hope I can handle all of these and I should take each work one at a time.