Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bros' Dyspepsia

We were troubled by my brother who got a stomach problem (dyspepsia) where he suffered stomach upset with associated pains. It was painful because he felt his stomach was full of air that kept on moving in circles but did not moved down.Dyspepsia is  also known as upset stomach or indigestion, refers to a condition of impaired digestion. It is a medical condition characterized by chronic or recurrent pain in the upper abdomen, upper abdominal fullness and feeling full earlier than expected when eating. It can be accompanied by bloating, belching, nausea, or heartburn. Dyspepsia is a common problem, and is frequently due to gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or gastritis, but in a small minority may be the first symptom of peptic ulcer disease (an ulcer of the stomach or duodenum) and occasionally cancer. Hence, unexplained newly-onset dyspepsia in people over 55 or the presence of other alarming symptoms may require further investigations. It was terrible for my brother because of the pain. His work was hampered as well as me and my sister because we had to attend to him. Good thing it subsided when he took motilium and buscopan over the counter drugs. Now he is feeling ok and already watchful of what he is eating.

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