Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eye Surgery of tatay

Last week my father undergone a cataract operation on his right eye. Me and my siblings were together with him to attend on his pre and post operation needs especially on his medications. I was doing research about this eye disease and it was said that cataract is the clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. It is very common to older people. The lens is a clear part of the eye that helps to focus light, or an image, on the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye.In a normal eye, light passes through the transparent lens to the retina. Once it reaches the retina, light is changed into nerve signals that are sent to the brain.The lens must be clear for the retina to receive a sharp image. If the lens is cloudy from a cataract, the image you see will be blurred as we age, some of the protein may clump together and start to cloud a small area of the lens. This is a cataract. Over time, the cataract may grow larger and cloud more of the lens, making it harder to see.Researchers suspect that there are several causes of cataract, such as smoking and diabetes. Or, it may be that the protein in the lens just changes from the wear and tear it takes over the years. For a week after Tatays' operation, he  is getting better now. His vision slowly gets back to normal again though there are still red swelling part in his right eye. Hoping for better results until recovery time that would take for about two months from operation.