Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stress and Fern-C

I had been in stress and tensions the past weeks due to my work and study schedules. Last Friday, my work had lots of deadlines that I need to finished and also some reports to be ready this coming Monday. Aside from this, it was also the schedule of examination on my accounting subject in the evening. I had assignments to finished and some reviews for the exams. I was feeling some tensions from my head down to my feet and my sense of balance was no longer working. This was really a manifestation of stress. It was so hard for me physically. I immediately took 5 capsules of Fern-C after my meal and had an hour to relax my tensions. I also drank glasses of water to cleanse the body toxins that created the acidity of my body. After 2 hours, I felt relieved, cooled down and relaxed. I was able to concentrate again on my work until the time off. My continued intake of this vitamin C really helps a lot especially in my health.

Wellness of Tai Chi

I like using this liniment made from virgin coconut oil with chili extract. It has deep heating stimulant that relieves muscle pains. The combination of the two ingredients help a lot in times when I feel so stressed out from office and studies. The liniment works best when applied to a body part or muscle in pain and joined together with a relaxing massage. It also stimulates blood circulation and soothes severe rheumatism & arthritis. Can be an aid as insect repellant also. This liniment really works well with me.