Friday, July 3, 2009

Cory's Battle on C

Most of the news on television and newspapers this week were about the former President Cory Aquino's battle on colon cancer. She was diagnosed over a year of this disease that affected very much her health condition. I am amazed on her battle and continued struggle to heal from the cancer disease. Days ago, she was admitted to the intensive care of the hospital and there were many speculations about her condition. Many people close to her are saying their well wishes for her recovery.
I was thinking that the family should opted for a non-invasive treatment to her. I have seen people diagnosed with cancer who undergo surgery usually did not live longer and it just caused their early demise. I can really relate this on my uncle's present health condition. He was diagnosed with polycystic cyst on kidney and it undergone an operation. He has one kidney left now. My uncle also has prostate cancer and abdominal aortic aneurism (AAA). His health condition is more dangerous and alarming especially that the doctor told us that the aneurism could rapture at any time. We were advised by the doctors too for surgery but we did not submit for the medical advice. Instead, my uncle used the alternative kind of healing. High dosage of the Alkaline Sodium Ascorbate FernC, no meat diet and all vegetables & fibers only. His life extended I think with the aid of the FernC that he is taking for 4 years now. He still looks and feels healthy until this time. He can even do some of the carpentry works and other light chores.
I hope and pray for Pres. Cory's recovery. She has still many contributions to give to the country as one former leader who succeeded after the dictatorship regime. Get well soon.

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