Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer Protection

We are now in the summer season where the sun shines most directly and the warmest period of the year. Whenever i go out of home, i am not exempted from the scorching heat of the sun and since i always take concerns on my wellness,

this sun block protects my skin for prolonged sun exposure. SPF 35, waterproof, with aloe vera/seaweed extracts and moisturizing benefits. It comprehensively screens the skin to block the harmful effects of the sun-emitted UVA and UVB rays. Just evenly apply a generous amount on all exposed parts of the body including ears and neck. You ca re-apply after bath or excessive sweating.
This black umbrella also helps me from direct sunlight while walking on open streets. It is very handy and light that you can fold it securely in a small or carry bag.Also i never miss wearing everyday this dark sunglasses with ultraviolet protection on my eyes that are so sensitive to sun's heat and light.

These essentials are basic protection especially during humid days.

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