Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elderly Concerns

We had a nice get together at home with some relatives and my Aunt Terry and Uncle Gene were also present.They had their scheduled laboratory test as part of the medical check-up. They are already on their seventies and being in the aging years, it is important to have their health condition be updated always. Laboratory tests were conducted at the alexian health and wellness center. Before the tests, they were allowed to fast (no meals from 12:00mn until the labtest in the morning). The following tests were checked on them; creatinine - determine if kidneys function normally, monitors treatment of kidney diseases. Uric acid - detects high levels of uric acid which could be sign on the condition of gout. Cholesterol - HDL-good/ LDL-bad. Glucose-blood sugar and urinalysis. Uncle Gene had other test on his PSA (prostate) because he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The results were given later in the afternoon and it was not good as expected. The creatinine,uric acid and cholesterol reached to high levels above the normal range. Too bad, they have to take extra-caution and control on their food intakes.Food supplements and medicines were required to be taken regularly. Doing labtests especially with the elderly like them require support from the family because they sometimes feel that they are still at their best health condition just like those younger years. .I read an article about prescription for longevity and it said, the lifestyle measures likely increase longevity and delay the onset of disease and disability including regular,moderate exercise, healthful diet and good personal practices regarding tobacco, alcohol and sun. Also important is a social support system or network. Good health habits are not a guarantee of a long and healthy life. However, the more wisely you live now, the better your odds of having many years to come.
Well,taking concerns with the oldies are not that easy but i think everthing can be achieved thru their cooperation and family support.

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