Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comfy Sleeping

We spend almost half of our life in our bedroom. For me it is one of the best part of home that is conducive to good sleep. A bedroom does not have to be splurging of pricey essentials. You can achieved comfort thru clean and orderly set-up, quality linens and soft huggable pillows. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes like beige, cream and green and then play around with patterns and textures. It is also best to change beddings once or twice weekly for hygiene purposes.
I also find comfort in using an airbed like Air-O-Space instant bed. It serves a lot of purpose whether you are in the livingroom, camping, picnic,pool or sleepovers. After a stressful day it is always great to spend a good night rest on a relaxing and comfortable ambiance of a bedroom.

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