Friday, March 13, 2009

Alternative Medicine can be an Option

We used to place confidence and faith on our health and wellness to the western approach of medicine and for quite sometime we depend on it without the awareness of the side effects and consequences. Most antibiotics or drugs for a particular illness are synthetic which means not genuine. These drugs are produced artificially especially by chemical method.

I have seen and meet people who were diagnosed with severe illnesses like cancer. They were treated the invasive way (like involving entry into the human body as by surgery) and other medical approaches. It did not totally cured them but rather caused more complications which brought them to an early demise. I think alternative medicine is a good option today. Just be smart in choosing. Do research about products,listen and read testimonials. Personally i am using sodium ascorbate vitamin c FernC (I discussed about this on my previous blog posts). Alternative medicine has high potentials and efficacy in our well-being and you always have the privilege to make it a beneficial choice.

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