Monday, February 16, 2009

SALT of life

I bought this salt (rock kind) yesterday in the wet market. It is a colorless or white crystalline solid used as seasoning and preservative. "Asin" as we call it has various purposes but commonly used for cooking. The amount of salt needed to sustain a life is 220 mg. a day, equivalent to one-tenth of a teaspoon. Without this small amount, experts claim one could feel weak and nauseous. An entirely salt less life will make you wither and finally die.
Most people, however take about 6-10 times more salt--- more than the required amount. The result--- kidney disease, high blood pressure and unexplained itches and allergies or body rashes. Here are some ways to reduce salt intake in our diet;

* Use only half of what is called for.
* Experiment with condiments, herbs, spices and other seasonings but not bouillon cubes since they contain lots of sodium.
* Reduce dependence on processed foods.
* Drink plenty of water.
* Take daily doses of Vitamin C-- sodium ascorbate.

Everything is all about moderation especially in our diet. We can educate our taste buds by opting to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and when cooking add less salt as possible for health reasons.

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