Saturday, December 12, 2009

Banaba Tea

Drinking tea is one of my personal health habits and I found this banaba tea as a medicinal drink that can aid to wellness. Banaba are grown for its flowers and are also found in the wild in tropical countries. There are dried banaba leaves and fruits sold in some local markets in the Philippines but there are now commercially prepared formulations in the form of tablets, capsules, extracts, powder and tea. These are available in most health stores and drug stores. You can use one tea bag and pour in hot water. Some health benefits of banaba include :
  • blood pressure control ,
  • kidney disorders,
  • urinary dysfunctions (helps ease urination) ,
  • controls the cholesterol levels,
  • treatment of diarrhea,
  • facilitates bowel movement
  • treatment of fevers and others.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stress and Fern-C

I had been in stress and tensions the past weeks due to my work and study schedules. Last Friday, my work had lots of deadlines that I need to finished and also some reports to be ready this coming Monday. Aside from this, it was also the schedule of examination on my accounting subject in the evening. I had assignments to finished and some reviews for the exams. I was feeling some tensions from my head down to my feet and my sense of balance was no longer working. This was really a manifestation of stress. It was so hard for me physically. I immediately took 5 capsules of Fern-C after my meal and had an hour to relax my tensions. I also drank glasses of water to cleanse the body toxins that created the acidity of my body. After 2 hours, I felt relieved, cooled down and relaxed. I was able to concentrate again on my work until the time off. My continued intake of this vitamin C really helps a lot especially in my health.

Wellness of Tai Chi

I like using this liniment made from virgin coconut oil with chili extract. It has deep heating stimulant that relieves muscle pains. The combination of the two ingredients help a lot in times when I feel so stressed out from office and studies. The liniment works best when applied to a body part or muscle in pain and joined together with a relaxing massage. It also stimulates blood circulation and soothes severe rheumatism & arthritis. Can be an aid as insect repellant also. This liniment really works well with me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Liquid Soap for Good Hygiene

One important thing that is always present at home's bathroom is this liquid hand soap. I recently purchased this at the mall before the older one would get empty. Just making sure I have enough of it because I find it very necessary to have a liquid soap always. It is one way of guarding yourself from bacterias and viruses. Protecting ourselves from sickness starts from having clean hands as often as possible. As the saying goes, cleanliness is always next to godliness.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Rejuvenation

The past weeks have been very stressful with lots of work demands left and right. Last Saturday I did an overtime at the office to finished all the backlogs for the month of September. I felt relieved because everything was done and my task's deadline was met. The price I received was body pains particularly at the lower back upward the shoulders. I visited my favorite spa and had the Swedish Thai whole body massage. It was over an hour of massaging and relaxing of the muscles. The oil used was peppermint in vco based oil. I had so many stressed muscles on my shoulders that was given concentration in massaging. I love the feeling after the very soothing & relaxing spa. I always timing myself when I plan to have a massage by being sure that I would just stay home the following day so I can very well relax and rejuvenate myself.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Personal wellness is always my priority and there are many areas of the body that should be taken care of and one of them is the hair. I bought this natural calamansi hot oil during my shopping. It is a naturally based cream for the hair. I use this after cleansing then apply a handful in massaging strokes starting from the scalp up to the hair ends. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse well. It has amazing results on my hair that it becomes softer, shinier and feeling fresh on the scalp. For me naturally based products are always the best. Think Green always!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lip Care

I had been using lip balm and until now it is always a part of my personal care. My previous lip balm was used up so I got this new one that was given by my generous sister. Chap stick lip balm ultra SPF 30 in lemonlime flavor. I use this to protect my lips from the harmful rays of the sun to help prevent lip damage. It also helps prevent and temporarily protect chafed,chapped, cracked or wind-burned lips. The sun causes skin damage so regular use of sunscreens over the years may reduce the cause of skin damage, some types of skin cancer & other harmful effects due to the sun. By using lip balm in my daily activity I am assured of total protection that is always beneficial to my health.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Drink Water


> 2 glasses 30 minutes before meals help digestion.

> 1 glass after waking up helps activate internal organs.

> 1 glass before going to sleep avoids midnight strokes/heart attacks.

> 1 glass after taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.

Make it a habit. Share this to your love ones and stay healthy.Always drink water.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Experience About Sweddish Massage

I had one great day last week when I tried the Sweddish massage on my favorite spa. This is one way of pampering oneself after all the stress from work and daily living. The results were the best for me because I felt relieved from head to toe. I did some online reading what it is about Sweddish massage. This is from the site and here are some interesting details that I read.

Most of us experience stress in varying levels on a day-to-day basis. Stress is not good for the health because it makes our muscles tense and bunch up, causing pain. Also, it makes the organs of our body function under duress. That is never good.

Massage is meant to alleviate pain and enhance the body's health.
Swedish massage is considered to be among the most basic methods of massage and is among the first styles of massage that new masseurs get to study. Developed by Henrik Ling in Sweden in the 1700s, Swedish massage is particularly to allow the body to absorb more oxygen, thereby rejuvenating the body. Swedish massage is also geared towards detoxification by increasing the speed by which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials.
But more than these, Swedish massage brings to the receiver an immense feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.

There are six techniques used in administering Swedish massage. These techniques are the following:

1. Effleurage. Effleurage is the technique most people associate with massage in general and Swedish massage in particular. In doing effleurage, the masseuse makes use of long and sweeping strokes that cover more than just one area of the body. Though it makes the client feel like his muscles are being broken down, the purpose of effleurage is actually to connect one part of the body to the others.

2. Friction. Heat makes the muscles relax and friction is used to make the area to be treated warm up. A masseuse would make use of the friction technique by rubbing the palms of her hands vigorously on the surface of the client’s skin. She can also do this by rubbing her palms together and then laying them on the skin of the client.

3. Petrissage. Petrissage is the act of kneading and squeezing the muscles of the body. Petrissage does not target or focus on any particular part of the body, but the process of kneading the body’s muscles allows for deeper and more penetrating effects of massage.

4. Tapottement. Tapottement are strokes that aim to energize the area of the body that the masseuse is treating. This is done by chopping the area with the sides of the hands. It can also be done by hitting the area being treated rhythmically with cupped or fisted hands. Tapottement is aimed towards energizing the area being treated, yet at the same time making it loosened and relaxed.

5. Traction. Traction involves pulling at the arms and legs of the client, and sometimes also the head. The act of pulling stretches the muscles of the client. Traction is always done as part of the last portion of the massage routine because pulling needs to have the muscles relaxed; otherwise, it would hurt.

6. Vibration. The vibration technique is used by the masseuse to shake up the area of the client’s body that she is treating. This is done by moving the heel of the hand, or sometimes the side of the hand, or even the fingertips, forward and backward across the skin to loosen the muscles of that particular area.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No more Pain

It was a nice feeling of relief from the muscle pain on my right hand. I had been suffering from it for almost a month already. My intake of 10 capsules every meal of FernC non-acidic sodium ascorbate ( equivalent to 15,000 milligrams in a day) really helped a lot. I think I was acidic from stress and food intake. I can now move my right hand and carry my things the way I used to. I am at ease now and can perform my daily activities.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cleansing from Within

My cousin introduced me to these natural cleansing products and I had been taking these for my personal health and wellness.
Cleanse from Simple Nature

Edmark - Shake Off Phyto Fiber

Both cleansing products have the same procedures. Just pour the sachets into a glass. Add water, cover lid and shake until contents are completely dissolved. Drink immediately. It is better to take this in the evening. Usually the effect is about 8-10 hours. You will experience the feeling of having an LBM by about 2-3 times. This is the cleansing effect to the body particularly the colon.Also an effective way of loosing weight. You can do this once or twice a week.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cory's Battle on C

Most of the news on television and newspapers this week were about the former President Cory Aquino's battle on colon cancer. She was diagnosed over a year of this disease that affected very much her health condition. I am amazed on her battle and continued struggle to heal from the cancer disease. Days ago, she was admitted to the intensive care of the hospital and there were many speculations about her condition. Many people close to her are saying their well wishes for her recovery.
I was thinking that the family should opted for a non-invasive treatment to her. I have seen people diagnosed with cancer who undergo surgery usually did not live longer and it just caused their early demise. I can really relate this on my uncle's present health condition. He was diagnosed with polycystic cyst on kidney and it undergone an operation. He has one kidney left now. My uncle also has prostate cancer and abdominal aortic aneurism (AAA). His health condition is more dangerous and alarming especially that the doctor told us that the aneurism could rapture at any time. We were advised by the doctors too for surgery but we did not submit for the medical advice. Instead, my uncle used the alternative kind of healing. High dosage of the Alkaline Sodium Ascorbate FernC, no meat diet and all vegetables & fibers only. His life extended I think with the aid of the FernC that he is taking for 4 years now. He still looks and feels healthy until this time. He can even do some of the carpentry works and other light chores.
I hope and pray for Pres. Cory's recovery. She has still many contributions to give to the country as one former leader who succeeded after the dictatorship regime. Get well soon.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sales & Scare

I am happy to post today about my sales on Fern-C Sodium Ascorbate, the alkaline, non-acidic vitamin C food supplement. I got a lot of orders this week from my members. They were scary of the pandemic of AH1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) and they need to protect their health by taking lots of vitamin c food supplements. It is really scary because the number of reported cases as of this time already increased. You don't know who's who got the flu in every day encounter with people. This is not only about making sales but also being concerned primarily on health and wellness. I hope to received more orders in the next coming days.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Face Shop

I love feeling fresh and clean everyday especially on my face. This facial wash from The Face Shop is my favorite cleansing essential. I could say that the product is very good because they have variety of products that suit for all skin types. This time , I tried this clarifying Acerola Herb Day Cleansing Foam. Formulated with AHA & vitamin-rich acerola extract, this mild botanical foam cleanser clarifies skin for a more radiant protection. Just add water and work into a rich foam and gently massage over face and rinse thoroughly. The product is fruit based, very natural, affordable and offers good benefits on my facial needs. I can always face the day with Face Shop..:D

Bath and Body Pasalubong

I was glad to received these White Cherry Blossom and Gardenia Body Lotions of Bath & Body Works Pleasures. Body lotion is one of my favorite personal essentials. It helps moisturize and nourish the skin preventing it from drying. The scent makes me feeling fresh and confident all day long. It is best to apply it in the morning after bath and during bedtime. I can always switch to any scent depending on my day's mood with these gifts of body lotions.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hygiene Soap

As a woman, it is important to give extra care on our feminine part. When my friend introduced me a year ago about this feminine soap, the result was doing well for me and i tried using it since then. This is a special kind of soap used primarily as feminine wash that contains flavosterone, an estrogen-like hormone and natural moisturizer that prevent from dryness. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties coming from natural ingredients protect from infections. I am thankful to Lyd for introducing me this soap and until now i still continue using and believing in this good herbal product.

Facial Moisturizer

I bought this facial moisturizer for my personal skin need especially on the face. This is hypo-allergenic , dermatologist tested and vitamin E enriched that protects and nourishes to help skin healthy with a youthful glow. It also softens and moisturizes--contains Pro-vitamin B5, Glycerin and Dimethicone that help seal in skin's natural moisture, making it softer and more supple. I often use this in the morning before going to work by gently applying on face and neck after cleansing and also during night time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thumb Cut

While doing some household cleaning, i got wounded by a sharp object in my left hand thumb. So painful! The bleeding took few minutes and what i did was to wash it with clean water and wipe a clean cloth then put this Betadine 10% solution antiseptic wound remedy. It is a good first aid for minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and burns. The golden brown color of the betadine solution indicates its germ-killing action. The wound on my left hand is quite ok now, no more pain and hope it heals fast in the next days.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer Protection

We are now in the summer season where the sun shines most directly and the warmest period of the year. Whenever i go out of home, i am not exempted from the scorching heat of the sun and since i always take concerns on my wellness,

this sun block protects my skin for prolonged sun exposure. SPF 35, waterproof, with aloe vera/seaweed extracts and moisturizing benefits. It comprehensively screens the skin to block the harmful effects of the sun-emitted UVA and UVB rays. Just evenly apply a generous amount on all exposed parts of the body including ears and neck. You ca re-apply after bath or excessive sweating.
This black umbrella also helps me from direct sunlight while walking on open streets. It is very handy and light that you can fold it securely in a small or carry bag.Also i never miss wearing everyday this dark sunglasses with ultraviolet protection on my eyes that are so sensitive to sun's heat and light.

These essentials are basic protection especially during humid days.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elderly Concerns

We had a nice get together at home with some relatives and my Aunt Terry and Uncle Gene were also present.They had their scheduled laboratory test as part of the medical check-up. They are already on their seventies and being in the aging years, it is important to have their health condition be updated always. Laboratory tests were conducted at the alexian health and wellness center. Before the tests, they were allowed to fast (no meals from 12:00mn until the labtest in the morning). The following tests were checked on them; creatinine - determine if kidneys function normally, monitors treatment of kidney diseases. Uric acid - detects high levels of uric acid which could be sign on the condition of gout. Cholesterol - HDL-good/ LDL-bad. Glucose-blood sugar and urinalysis. Uncle Gene had other test on his PSA (prostate) because he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The results were given later in the afternoon and it was not good as expected. The creatinine,uric acid and cholesterol reached to high levels above the normal range. Too bad, they have to take extra-caution and control on their food intakes.Food supplements and medicines were required to be taken regularly. Doing labtests especially with the elderly like them require support from the family because they sometimes feel that they are still at their best health condition just like those younger years. .I read an article about prescription for longevity and it said, the lifestyle measures likely increase longevity and delay the onset of disease and disability including regular,moderate exercise, healthful diet and good personal practices regarding tobacco, alcohol and sun. Also important is a social support system or network. Good health habits are not a guarantee of a long and healthy life. However, the more wisely you live now, the better your odds of having many years to come.
Well,taking concerns with the oldies are not that easy but i think everthing can be achieved thru their cooperation and family support.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beneficial VCO

My virgin coconut oil (VCO) was already used up in the display cabinet so i decided to bought one yesterday in the supermarket. I had been using it and i benefited a lot from this amazing organic product. Virgin coconut oil is produced through fresh dry method and extracted only from fresh matured coconut and is processed under strict hygienic condition set by internationally accepted quality control standard (ISO 9001). State of the art manufacturing equipment are used to retain its freshness and distinct coconut taste and scent. There are no chemicals and preservatives added so it is guaranteed of pure, unadulterated virgin coconut oil. Health benefits of VCO include strenghtening of the immune system, natural antibiotic,antiviral, provides energy, promotes weight loss,reduce the risks of arteriosclerosis, cancer,diabetes and aids to skin and hair problems. As a dietray supplement, you can take 1 tablespoon 3x daily with meals. Enjoy the healthful offers of this great product for our overall wellness.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coco Rub's multi benefits

Coco rub is made of virgin coconut oil and apis cerana beeswax.This was introduced to me by my cousin and i tried using it for quite a long time now. It has many dermatologic use for dry/scaly skin as ointment,skin rashes, insect bites,wound/pimple scars, burns, prickly heat, sunburn and many other skin problems. I used to have wound scar on my legs that took a long time to diminished usually for months. When i applied this in just few days, i can see an improvement and the scar started to fade off. This can be applied thinly,twice a day in the morning and evening. I've been regularly using this product since then because i find it a good aid and promotes wellness.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alternative Medicine can be an Option

We used to place confidence and faith on our health and wellness to the western approach of medicine and for quite sometime we depend on it without the awareness of the side effects and consequences. Most antibiotics or drugs for a particular illness are synthetic which means not genuine. These drugs are produced artificially especially by chemical method.

I have seen and meet people who were diagnosed with severe illnesses like cancer. They were treated the invasive way (like involving entry into the human body as by surgery) and other medical approaches. It did not totally cured them but rather caused more complications which brought them to an early demise. I think alternative medicine is a good option today. Just be smart in choosing. Do research about products,listen and read testimonials. Personally i am using sodium ascorbate vitamin c FernC (I discussed about this on my previous blog posts). Alternative medicine has high potentials and efficacy in our well-being and you always have the privilege to make it a beneficial choice.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Take care of your Eyes

Too much staying in front of the computer while updating our blogs can have related problems on our sight such as dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches. Our eyes are one of the body's important part that should be taken care of.Try these relevant tips:

> Take frequent breaks from your computer.

> Make an effort to blink more.

> Reduce screen glare by having lamps,covering windows
and attaching glare filters to the PC monitor.

> Clean the computer monitor often.

> Choose a light screen with dark letters. It's easiest on the eyes.

I hope i have shared to you some "eyeful" insights.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Health & Business this weekend

I got a chance to met with Lyn this weekend. She is one of my recruits as independent distributor of fern-c (sodium ascorbate). She was concerned of her health because of too much work that caused some stress to her recently. She was experiencing flu, cough and tiredness. Lyn bought a box of fern-c equivalent to 100 capsules for her daily intake. I got a positive feedback from her about taking sodium ascorbate because it really has good health benefits not only to Lyn but also to her family as well. Thanks to the goodness of this vitamin c.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comfy Sleeping

We spend almost half of our life in our bedroom. For me it is one of the best part of home that is conducive to good sleep. A bedroom does not have to be splurging of pricey essentials. You can achieved comfort thru clean and orderly set-up, quality linens and soft huggable pillows. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes like beige, cream and green and then play around with patterns and textures. It is also best to change beddings once or twice weekly for hygiene purposes.
I also find comfort in using an airbed like Air-O-Space instant bed. It serves a lot of purpose whether you are in the livingroom, camping, picnic,pool or sleepovers. After a stressful day it is always great to spend a good night rest on a relaxing and comfortable ambiance of a bedroom.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eat Smart -- Read Labels

There is a saying...."tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are".
In grocery stores today, we can see some suspiciously unhealthy-sounding ingredients like phyglycerolesters, artificial flavors etc..Apparently, the word "healthy" is subject to a variety of interpretations. Our health is more precious than gold, and losing it can greatly limit our ability to live life to its fullest and make a difference in the lives of others.

Just as the quality of our life is built upon the foundation of good health, the quality of our health is built upon the kinds of foods we feed our bodies. Do your part to maintain good health. Dont be fooled by media hype or marketing devices with claims like--"iron-fortified or vitamin A enriched" and many more claims which in fact has no vitamins at all but high sodium and preservatives. These can be categorized as "junk-foods". Take time to notice what you are putting into your body.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shoulder Stress

Lately, I experienced some pain particularly affecting my right shoulder. The pain usually happens at night while taking some rest. I had to put some liniments like tai chi virgin coco oil or salonpas gel to soothed the pain. I felt the relief on the next day but sometimes the pain comes back again.I did some shoulder exercise to help relaxed the muscles and nerves. I was thinking it is a stress manifestation of the body.My friend Myla lend me her magazine---GoodHousekeeping. As I scanned through the pages on good health, there was an article that made me interested to read. Let me share to you it's content;

Did You Know?
*** A full handbag can weigh as much as 10 pounds, so its' no surprise that carrying one over your shoulder can cause neck and shoulder problems. Try to keep your bag as light as possible and alternate it between shoulders regularly. Better still, opt for a smaller bag that you can swap back and forth from hand to hand.***
I believe so in this article because most times I carry full handbag that is only concentrated on my right shoulder. Perhaps that also contributed to the pain. Now i am trying not to overload my carry bag as much as possible.

Monday, February 16, 2009

SALT of life

I bought this salt (rock kind) yesterday in the wet market. It is a colorless or white crystalline solid used as seasoning and preservative. "Asin" as we call it has various purposes but commonly used for cooking. The amount of salt needed to sustain a life is 220 mg. a day, equivalent to one-tenth of a teaspoon. Without this small amount, experts claim one could feel weak and nauseous. An entirely salt less life will make you wither and finally die.
Most people, however take about 6-10 times more salt--- more than the required amount. The result--- kidney disease, high blood pressure and unexplained itches and allergies or body rashes. Here are some ways to reduce salt intake in our diet;

* Use only half of what is called for.
* Experiment with condiments, herbs, spices and other seasonings but not bouillon cubes since they contain lots of sodium.
* Reduce dependence on processed foods.
* Drink plenty of water.
* Take daily doses of Vitamin C-- sodium ascorbate.

Everything is all about moderation especially in our diet. We can educate our taste buds by opting to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and when cooking add less salt as possible for health reasons.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Healthful weekend Diet

It is weekend again! Great time to unwind after the long week days. I had a chance to go to the market and bought these fruits--- banana, papaya & marang and vegetables--- kangkong,eggplant,cucumber, okra and calabasa.
These foods keep me healthy & fit the natural way.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Body's Immune System

The human body is protected by millions of fighting units, circulating in the blood stream. These consists of different types of soldiers, each group having its own specific function.

Central control can order out new units when disease invades the body. During times of peace the numbers are reduced and the fighters become patrols.A healthful diet, physical fitness and positive emotional states can stimulate and strengthen the body's immune system. On the other hand, illness, drugs and excessive stress can weaken it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rainy days are here again...

Health Tip: Get Enough Vitamin C
Signs that you may be deficient

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that's found primarily in citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, potatoes and other fruits and veggies.Significant enough vitamin C deficiency can lead to a condition called scurvy.

Here are warning signs that you're not getting enough vitamin C;
Excessively dry hair with ends that split easily.
Scaly, rough, dry skin.
Bleeding or inflamed gums.
Wounds that heal slowly, frequent infections, and bruising easily.
Frequent nosebleeds.
Pain and swelling in the joints.
Weakened tooth enamel.
The weather is not doing good since last week so I have to take mega dose of Fern-c (sodium ascorbate). I take 2500 mg or 5 capsules everyday and lots of water to prevent from any sickness. It feels good to be always healthy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Essential Vitamins Guide For you


Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, is one of the most popular and well-known vitamins out there. This is a water soluble vitamin, meaning that it can be passed through the kidneys if there is too much, but it also means that the body requires intake of Vitamin C on a consistent basis.

Vitamin C is famous for its work as an antioxidant. The ‘oxidant’ in question is actually a free radical, which oxidizes cells in the body making them damaged an more vulnerable to infection. Free radicals cause damage to the body that Vitamin C can prevent. Without Vitamin C at proper levels, the body would have a difficult time functioning. It is vital that Vitamin C is present in the system, as it helps to produce collagen, a skin repair protein It helps to delay wrinkles and boost saggy skin; as age progresses skin loses its elasticity and Vitamin C helps with this. It can even ensure that flesh wounds heal more quickly than usual!

Like other important vitamins, Vitamin C is used to metabolize iron, phenylalanine, and folic acid. The body needs Vitamin C to be able to process and use carbohydrates and to process fats and proteins and help turn them into energy.

Vitamin C is the closest thing to a cure for the common cold there is out there. It cannot prevent a cold from coming on, but it can certainly help a person to feel better. It helps to produce disease fighting antibodies and white blood cells, which are needed to fight off the illness.

In addition, Vitamin C helps to make the arteries stronger and resist the build up of debilitating plaque, which collects on artery walls and causes heart disease. It helps the body to produce all important hemoglobin and red blood cells,, and makes sure the nervous system stays in tip top shape at all times.

Studies are in progress that are working on whether or not it is possible to use Vitamin C to slow down the formation of cataracts. These studies are promising, but are not yet complete.

Fruits are the primary source of Vitamin C in the world. Oranges, limes, lemons, papayas, strawberries, collard greens, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, sprouts, cabbage, kale, potatoes and even watercress are excellent sources of Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid. The more you cook these foods, the less of their Vitamin C quality do they retain so if you are going to cook them make sure you do it only slightly.
It is recommended that the average adult consume no less than 60 milligrams of Vitamin C every day for optimum health.

Scurvy is probably the single most infamous indicator of a Vitamin C deficiency. This disease used to affect sailors who had been at sea for extended periods of time and had no fresh fruits or vegetables to eat. Teeth get loose, gums bleed, and joints can burn for those who have scurvy.

If you are getting sick a lot or experiencing lots of infections or colds that just will not go away, or if you are getting bruised easily and your body hurts more than usual, you may be experiencing a Vitamin C deficiency.

Calcium And The Human Body

Did you know that 99 percent of the calcium in the human body is found in the bones and teeth? The remaining one percent is found in the soft tissues and the blood in the body. It is the most important mineral in the body because, without calcium, human beings (or any other living thing) would have no form!

What Does Calcium Do For The Body?

Calcium doesn’t only play a crucial role in bone development. Calcium works in conjunction with various parts of the body, helping to control the pace of your heart. It allows important nutrients to be able to move in and out of the cells in the body, and plays a crucial role in nerve function and muscle function. Calcium is even known to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure! Without calcium, the body would not naturally clot blood; those with calcium deficiencies may bleed a lot from a small wound, or not heal as quickly or as well. Calcium even helps you sleep!

Where Can I Find Calcium?

Calcium is one of the easiest minerals to come by. It is found in a lot of the things you probably eat every day, even if you do not know it. Calcium is found most often in dairy products–cheese, milk, yogurt. Calcium is found in beans, dark green vegetables like kale and even broccoli. A lot of foods, like cereal and milk, even certain baby formulas, have actually been fortified with calcium, so that is another option when it comes to getting calcium into your body

How Much Calcium Should I Have?

Depending on your age, the amount of calcium that you should have in your body in a given day can vary. Babies should have about 400 milligrams, and small children under five years of age should have about 600 milligrams per day. Kids need about 800 milligrams a day; kids who are nearing puberty should increase their intake to about 1200 milligrams a day, which is the recommended allowance for adults as well. The older you get, the more calcium you should have in your body. The elderly should have at least about 1500 milligrams of calcium per day for optimum health.

How Do I Know If I’m Not Getting Enough?

While it’s not always painfully clear as soon as your body starts to lack the right amounts of calcium, the physical effects are pretty obvious when a person is not getting enough. Bones lose strength and density when calcium levels are low, and one may even develop osteoporosis, which is a condition of the bones that causes them to deteriorate. Children who are not getting enough calcium will probably have growth problems. Problems with the teeth and easily broken bones are also an indication of a calcium deficiency, and in such cases medical advice should be sought.

Water Soluble And Fat Soluble Vitamins

There are many different kinds of vitamins and minerals and, although many people may not realize it, there are actually distinct differences between them. Vitamins can be classified into two main categories: water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins. The human body processes water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins in different ways. What the difference between the two means to you depends on a couple of factors.

Don’t let worrying about whether your vitamins are fat soluble or water soluble make that big of a difference to you. It is most important to make sure that your body gets the recommended amounts of each vitamin or mineral daily; this can be done by taking vitamin supplements or by eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamins.

Little things like determining the differences between fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins normally isn’t important to people who don’t really think about such things. The most important thing for you to understand about the difference between the two is that the human body is actually able to store the fat soluble vitamins, which are absorbed through the intestines, with the help of dietary fat. Dietary fat allows the intestines to absorb the vitamins more easily. Vitamins A and D are good examples of fat soluble vitamins. Adversely, the human body is not able to store water soluble vitamins.

Let’s take a closer look at the most integral fat soluble vitamins that the human body needs every day:

Vitamin K
Vitamin K helps the body turn food into energy. It also supplies the body with the seven necessary blood clotting proteins that are necessary to allow the body to clot it’s own bleeding. Vitamin K is one of the vitamins that are most essential in the growth of human bones

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps protect vitamins A and C in the body, and helps keep fatty acids and red blood cells intact.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps the bones in the body to absorb the necessary calcium, and it helps to store calcium in case of a nutritional deficiency or some problem where the body is not getting enough calcium.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is the vitamin that takes care of your eyes! It protects the eye’s natural ability to differentiate between colors and tell the difference between darkness and light. Vitamin A is one of the reasons your eyes can see a little better in the dark after a couple of minutes in it. Vitamin A is an important vitamin that is essential to the human body, as it helps to protect the body from infection.

Water soluble vitamins are the opposite of fat soluble vitamins. They are not stored in the body at all except in the bladder, and leave the body by way of urine after they have done their job. Because water soluble vitamins are not stored and kept in the body, they must be supplied to the body on a regular basis for optimum health. Some water soluble vitamins are: Vitamins B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin H.

Vitamin B gives the body the necessary energy it needs to turn food into energy. Vitamin H, also known as Biotin, helps to make sure the body grows well and fights infection; it works in conjunciton with Vitamin C–which is a fat soluble vitamin.

Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is essential to your every day health, so if for some reason you don’t think you are getting the correct amounts in your diet, consider the benefits of a multivitamin! They can be purchased for a price at a local nutritional store.


There has always been a bit more controversy over fluoride as a mineral more than any other one. Most of the controversy has to do with a constant debate about whether or not it is a good idea to add fluoride to the public’s drinking water. There are benefits and there are drawbacks, and many people feel the drawbacks outweigh the benefit’s a great deal.

Fluoride is not considered to be one of the essential minerals of the body, but it plays a large role in healthy bones and strong, healthy teeth. If the name ‘Fluoride’ sounds familiar to you, it is probably because it is one of the leading ingredients in toothpaste; it helps to protect teeth from early decay. It prevents acid from being able to stick to and tear away at the enamel on the outside of the teeth that protects it from bacteria. This bacteria causes the beginnings of cavities and tooth decay, but brushing with fluoride can give your teeth the ability to resist these acids.

Surprisingly enough, although Fluoride is not one of the body’s most essential minerals, it does aid in the process of demineralization, which is the process of restoring lost minerals to the body. The body loses minerals in a variety of ways, including sweat and defecation, so these minerals must be restored. Fluoride even helps the bones hold on to minerals, which helps to protect the bones from osteoporosis–which can lead to brittle, easily broken bones. Because fluoride is not essential the body, no recommended daily amount for this mineral has been established, although people usually consume between 1.5 and 2.5 milligrams per day, with no effort.

Getting fluoride into the body usually requires little or no effort. It is found in most good toothpaste and it is even found in fluoridated drinking water, although it is not usually found in most of the foods you eat every day. Canned fish, like salmon, is an excellent source of fluoride in food, however. In some cases, although rare, a dentist may prescribe fluoride treatments to treat tooth decay.

Usually this is not the case, especially with children as an excess amount of fluoride in the body can lead to fluorosis. Fluorosis is mottling of the teeth, which can cause the teeth to yellow. Fluoride can even do against what it is designed to do, and lead to brittle bones and teeth if taken in excess amounts, so there is no need to go out of one’s way (in most cases) to ensure that the body gets enough fluoride. Fluorosis is what causes the drinking water debate, based on the idea that adding too much could cause illness, and it was not worth the risk.

Fluoride deficiencies don’t occur often, but when they do they are characterized by dental cavities, weakened enamel on the teeth, soft bones, and even osteoporosis may all be signs of a fluoride deficiency.